Ask the Funeral Director

Q.  What does $1,295 include?

A.  Our package includes the removal of the deceased person from the place of death to our facility, along with the care and custody while waiting for cremation to be authorized by a family member or guardian and the Nova Scotia Medical Examiner’s office. If this removal is to be done outside 100 km, transportation charges may apply.

 It also includes a provincially licensed Funeral Director to oversee every aspect of the arrangements and cremation.

 You will need Funeral Director’s Statements of Death to assist with settling the estate. This document will be required by any agency that requests “proof” that death has occurred. Most families require 6-8 copies. Forest Haven provides 10 Funeral Director’s Statements of Death in every package. Should you require more, we are only as far away as the phone. There will be no charge for additional Statements if needed. Our Funeral Director will also administer the Canada Pension Death/Survivor/Child Benefit on your behalf and will commission any documents necessary (Marriage Certificates, Declaration of Common Law Union, etc).

Q.  Do I need to buy a casket or container to cremate my loved one?

A.  A Cremation Container/Casket is required by law for every individual to be cremated.

It’s purpose is not only to maintain the dignity of the deceased, but also for the health and safety of the crematorium operator. This is not an option for the family, so Forest Haven includes this simple corrugated container/casket in every cremation package. Although we have a variety of urns available, we do provide a simple acrylic urn suitable for burial, scattering or maintaining until later decisions are made.

Q.  Why is your price this low when others are two, three or four times more expensive?

A.  Traditional funeral homes were designed and built for traditional funerals. Although they offer cremation services; hearses, limousines, chandeliers and visitation rooms are fixed costs. A cost that everyone must absorb even when the use of such facilities or equipment is unnecessary.

Forest Haven does not own hearses or limousines, but have access to whatever you wish.

Q.  What if I would like to have a viewing in a church or hall with a traditional style funeral?

A.   Our Funeral Director is also an integral part of Sunset Funeral Co-operative, which covers all of Cape Breton Island. If you wanted to have a traditional style visitation and/or funeral, followed with cremation, we can certainly accommodate every detail for you at a “co-operative” price.

“The path to dignity and respect doesn’t 

mean you have to spend more money”

Jim Delaney

Funeral Director


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